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Our Philosophy


When you hire Turnkey to take on a project, you are in the hands of dedicated professionals who you can trust to take ownership and responsibility within their work. 

We are built on long-established Texas values and morals. We extend and honor that same respect with our vendors, partners, network affiliations, and amongst each other.  


Independently, we are all professionals who share a vast amount of knowledge from more than 70 years of experience in the industry.  Collectively, we are effective in our goal of providing outstanding customer service at a competitive price with the aspiration of creating lasting relationships. 

After 20 years of evolving from operating with small businesses to various key Fortune 50 companies, it is this same approach today that allows Turnkey Project Services to continue developing into one of the most reputable office furniture and service companies in Texas.  


We are a compiled team of exceptionally unique individuals, all with our own distinct and diverse capabilities who continue to take pride in where we work and what our company stands for. 

With our reputation, valued network, and referrals, we strive to find prospective clients and meticulously make every effort not to elude the connection that we have been so fortunate to serve.  We welcome and invite you to share these rewarding experiences together as we continue to move forward with a strong growth and successful future ahead.